Sunday, July 29, 2007

Living room in a cave

Living Room in a cave Today in english...
At Photosunday the challenge was "Furniture", at first I said, well I'm not going to post anything this week, I don't have furniture's photo....then I looked at the other entries and thought....I looked at my photos on my hard drive....and the light got turned on in my head!
Of course I have something....when my mum was here one of the last visits we did was at the Cesar Manrique's Foudation, in Tahiche here in Lanzarote. A wonderful place, like any other of his, studied and executed by this genius that was Cesar Manrique, a man with such style and class...! In his Foundation there's a bit of many things: paintings by other artists, paintings by himself, different sketches of the projects he realized on the island and anywhere else, plants and the "house" (remodelled) where he lived and that he created inside the mountains. The walk through the Foudation is developped in different rooms that he realised in the lavic is simply amazing! The idea that moved him was creating armony between Art and Nature. This one here is the detail of a couch belonging to a Living Room. It's wonderful, I think!
This week I'll add other photos from this visit, to show the genius and class of this artist.


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