Friday, August 3, 2007


Uomini e donne I know, I said I would have posted more photos on the Cesar Manrique's Foundation and ...I didn't....I'm a bad girl!!! The problem is that it's being really hot here and staying in front of the computer for a long time is not a pleasure anymore....I just start swetting a lot!
PhotoSharks challenge of the week is "Signs", I don't have any picture of street signs, the only sign I've taken pictures of are these two WC signs that I found really unique! I was at the Jardins de Cactus here in Lanzarote in May and when approaching the bathroom for obvious reasons, I was happily surprised by these sized signs! By the way, these are creation -again and again- of the same genius I've been talking a lot about, Cesar Manrique!
You can see more photos taken that day here, here or here!
Have a great week-end, and if you' re leaving for your holidays (like some millions will be doing in Italy...), drive carefully...and DON'T ABANDON YOUR PETS!
If you click on the pic you can enjoy it at a bigger size.

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